Tui Design has been actively engaged in the creation and design of bears and animals for approximately 25 years. The founder, Sharon Rolfe, who resided in New Zealand for many years, began this journey while working in a prominent teddy bear store. Participating in teddy bear shows, she spent her days skilfully wielding a craft knife to cut mohair and acrylic furs for assembling teddy bear kits, which quickly gained immense popularity.

Sharon’s passion for this art form has endured since those early days, and she thoroughly enjoys crafting new and delightful creatures like Polo the polar bear and Daniel the Spaniel. Over time, Tui Design’s offerings have expanded to animal inspired gifts such as jute bags, ornaments and jewellery.

Nowadays, the Tui Design stall presents a diverse range of products, including animal-inspired gifts and more. Their creative journey continues to evolve, bringing joy to enthusiasts and customers with each innovative design and creation.