Our Farmers’ Market has been bringing the finest seasonal food and artisanal produce to the people of Ely for nearly 20 years. Here are our top tips for getting the most of your visit.

Get there early

Our traders are early risers – you’ll usually find everything up and running by 8.30am. It pays to be early as you’ll beat the crowds and you’ll get the pick of all the best produce – from sticky cinnamon buns baked that morning, to the tastiest and freshest fruit and vegetables. Early mornings at Ely Farmers’ Market are full of hustle, bustle and fun – it’s a wonderful experience and you won’t regret getting up early!

Bring your own

If the amount of plastic in supermarkets drives you mad, then you’ll love our Farmers’ Market. Produce comes straight from the field and kitchen to the market, with a minimum of packaging. You can help us reduce our waste footprint even further by bringing along your own bags, food boxes and coffee cups. Hand your shopping bags to our traders so they can pack your produce straight in, and enjoy your favourite coffee and cake in your own reusable containers.

Get to know our traders

Every trader at Ely Farmers’ Market has a story to tell and knowledge to share. The wisdom they’ve gained over the years will help you get the best out of your purchases. Find out how to cook your meat to perfection and which seasonal vegetables to choose to go with it, or chat with our artisan bakers and producers about their innovative products. The more often you shop, the better it gets.

Shop seasonally

Ely Farmers’ Market brings you the very best of local and seasonal produce. We’re here twice a month, and over this time you’ll see a huge variety of produce available – from asparagus and strawberries, to delicious locally-grown apples and walnuts. Try going along to our markets without a shopping list and fill your bags with all the ingredients you need for a fresh and spontaneous weekend meal.

Try new things

We challenge you not to be tempted to try something new at Ely Farmers’ Market. As you wander the stalls, you’ll find lots of samples to try, from venison and cheese to local jam and gin. This is nothing like the rush of the supermarket – take the chance to pause, relax and experience a different way of shopping where there’s always something new to discover.

We’d love to hear from you. What are your favourite things about Ely Farmers’ Market?

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