Kings coronation Bunting

With King Charles III's Coronation almost here, local communities are gearing up for a day of festivities complete with both classic British fare and more exotic tastes too.

In anticipation of the big day, Ely Markets’ Saturday Craft, Food & Vintage Market will take on a special Coronation theme on May 6th. Featuring a wide variety of traders offering all sorts of Coronation-themed goods and memorabilia and a great selection of celebratory street food. Plus you may be lucky enough to pick one of our special limited edition Ely Markets Coronation tote bags!

Buckingham Palace has unveiled a new signature dish for the occasion – the Coronation Quiche! Made with fresh broad beans, chopped spinach, tarragon, and savoury cheddar cheese, this picnic staple is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring. And if you want to try making it for yourself, be sure to stop by Ely Markets for some of the staple ingredients. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your masterpiece and tag us on social media!

Coronation Quiche Recipe

Serves 6


250g block of ready-made shortcrust pastry

125ml whole milk

175ml double cream

2 medium eggs [Manor Farm Eggs]

1 tbsp chopped tarragon 100g Black Bomber cheddar, grated [The Cheese & Pie Man]

100g spinach, blanched & roughly chopped 50g asparagus, blanched & cut into large chunks [Fountain Fresh]

50g sprouting broccoli, blanched & cut into large chunks [Fountain Fresh]

30g cooked broad beans

Salt and pepper to season


– Lightly dust a clean work surface with flour. Roll out the pastry to roughly half a centimeter thick. Lift the pastry sheet and place gently into a 20cm loose bottomed tart tin. Press the pastry into the corners carefully, avoiding tearing any holes in it as you go. Any overhang is fine as you’ll cut this off later. Cover with cling film and place into the fridge for half an hour.

– Preheat the oven to 190C/170C fan/ gas 5. Remove the pastry from the fridge. Scrunch up a large piece of greaseproof paper and open it up, it should be crinkly and malleable. Place this into the pastry case ensuring it covers the entire surface of the pastry that’s in the tin and slightly comes over the sides. Fill with baking beans right to the top of the tin and bake in the oven for 25 minutes. Now remove the greaseproof paper along with the baking beans and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes. If the base is not dry by this point then leave to cook for a few more minutes.

– Get a large sharp knife and using horizontal strokes gently shave away any excess pastry that is over hanging. This will give your crust a neat finish.

– Reduce the oven to 160C/ 140C fan/ gas 3. Pour the milk and cream into a large mixing bowl. Crack in the eggs, add the tarragon and cheese along with seasoning and then beat together.

– Scatter the spinach, asparagus, broccoli and broad beans onto the pastry case. Pour the cream-egg mixture into a large jug. Carefully remove the center grid from the oven half way, place the pastry case onto it. Now pour the cream-egg mixture into the pastry case so it’s filled right to the top. Bake for 25-30 minutes until lightly golden and set.

Coronation Quiche Unsplash design
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